Guest Author: Nikki Stern

NS_edited-1Please welcome my guest, Nikki Stern, distinguished author of two non-fiction books, BECAUSE I SAY SO and HOPE IN SMALL DOSES and a suspense thriller, DON’T MOVE, a novella. Her essays have appeared in The New York TimesNewsweekUSA Today and other publications and her short stories have been published online at the literary magazine, Fictionique. She’s currently working on a coming-of age-story set in New Orleans that explores elements of Voodoo.

Don't-Move-1-15Here’s an excerpt from DON’T MOVE, available on Amazon.

The sea is tranquil today. Sunlight plays along its surface, drawing out the full complement of greens and blues from azure, aquamarine and cyan to cadet and lapis. Out at the horizon, the water meets a cerulean sky where the earth curves. Small breakers gently lap the shoreline and wash the sand clean of debris. Circling birds or predator fins are nowhere to be seen. No slate clouds gather at the horizon. Not that the sea would volunteer a warning. When it comes to human suffering or terror, it remains completely indifferent.

Maybe the sea is a withholding bitch.

Bill would have said something like that. Like all good seafaring men, he ascribed to the briny deep an array of characteristics often labeled as purely female: stubborn, willful, unpredictable, mysterious or seductive; all surges and curves and hidden treasures beneath the shallows. I used to wish I could see the world as he did.

What would he say at this moment? “You’ll survive.”

No, he’d come up with something more lyrical or at least more encouraging. Too bad he’s not here. With my life hanging in the balance, I could use a shot of inspiration.

If the sea didn’t anticipate my sudden change of fortune, I damn well should have. Instead of looking out over the water and idly contemplating my life, I’m wondering if I’m going to live. Instead of listening to the tide, I hear my heart pounding. Rather than enjoying the breeze as it lightly ruffles my hair, I’m stuck with a gun pressed against my temple and a creep who seems to know only two words: “Don’t move.”

DON’T MOVE is available on Amazon

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