Lost in its own Labyrinth

Spider webThis is a small slice from a work in progress, Missing Brandy. It’s the second book in the Fina Fitzgibbons mystery series, publishing this fall. In this scene, Fina and Lorraine look for the kidnapper.

The landlady unlocked the door and we entered a garret with one window. I looked out onto the tops of brownstones and just a sliver of Prospect Park.

The room smelled scrubbed. It was empty except for a chair, a floor lamp, a scratched wooden desk and a single bed. I opened the closet and looked inside, peered in the nightstand, underneath the bed. I examined the walls, the floorboards, the mattress. Nothing, but an inescapable sense of doom. The air held dampened desires, missed opportunities, a mind lost in its own labyrinth. For me, that barren studio was like a coiled snake under a rock. I looked at Lorraine and noticed goose bumps on her arms.

If you’d like a quick and different way to promote your work, send me (gagasue @ gmail dot com) part of a scene from your work in progress, along with a short bio, headshot, and cover, if you have it.

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