Review: FATAL WHISPERS by Sandra Nikolai

Fatal WhispersMesmerizing and unputdownable, Fatal Whispers, the thrilling new mystery by Sandra Nikolai, stars the romantic duo of Megan Scott and Michael Elliott as they attempt to unravel the steamy secrets behind three shocking murders. Set in Portland and Falmouth on Maine’s craggy coastline, Fatal Whispers will sweep you away by its wealth of intriguing suspects and breathtaking action. You’ll be guessing to the last page of this nail-biter.

Megan Scott travels with Michael Elliott to Portland, Maine where they stay with Bianca, Megan’s cousin. Michael, an investigative reporter has been assigned to uncover the facts surrounding the strange death of a woman living rough. The woman is well-known to residents as Glad Rags Gladys and she is found dead from a mysterious substance close to Bianca’s flower shop. Events take off and very soon there are three murders.

The book is a fascinating mystery. It’s about the logical steps taken to unravel the puzzle of three seemingly benign and unrelated deaths, and we meet some engaging characters on the way as they struggle to stay alive–Megan’s cousin, Bianca and her husband, Victor, and George are among my favorites, along with the setting which has such a strong presence in the book that it’s a character.

But the book is also about the relationship of Megan Scott with Michael Elliott, the gnawing back and forth of it. As a recent widow, her hesitation is understandable and folded into the plot so well by Sandra Nikolai: should Megan become romantically involved with another man, Michael, so soon after her husband’s death?

I must add that I loved Bianca’s flower shop where much of the action takes place. And the final scenes brought me to the edge of my seat as Megan and Michael realize a deadly killer is on the loose.

If you like action-packed mystery and thrillers with characters who grow as they come to grips with what is happening to their relatives and friends before there are more murders, you will love Fatal Whispers, the second book in the Megan Scott and Michael Elliott series.

My Rating: 5 Stars

Fatal Whispers is available on Amazon Barnes & Noble, Kobo Books, Smashwords Premium, and Sony.

Sandra NikolaiAbout the Author: 

Mystery author Sandra Nikolai weaves ordinary characters into extraordinary, life-threatening situations. If you enjoy the challenge of solving mysteries, you’ll love the Megan Scott/Michael Elliott Mystery series. FALSE IMPRESSIONS (2012) and FATAL WHISPERS (2013) are the first two books in the series.

Visit Sandra’s website and blog at and follow her on Facebook and Twitter @SandraNikolai

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