Review: All The Blue-Eyed Angels

13498427ALL THE BLUE-EYED ANGELS by Jen Blood is popular lit at its best.

It took me a day to devour it, the first book in a pentalogy, and I have to tell you that there’s nothing else with quite the allure of the story of Erin and Stein and Diggs and Jack, nothing with its particular brand of humor, its touching love story, its sense of place, nothing with its sometimes lovable, often grizzly cast of minor characters, nothing that compares with the action and exhilaration that Jen Blood packs into this character-centered story.

Investigative journalist Erin Solomon returns to her roots, a small fishing village on the coast of Maine. With the help of her trusted dog Einstein and her lifelong more-than-friend Diggs, she risks everything to uncover the truth behind a tragedy that has haunted her since childhood—a fatal fire that destroyed the fundamentalist island community where she and her father lived for the first ten years of Erin’s life, a fire immortalized in Erin’s memory and the beginning chapters with such fury that I thought my kindle was going to explode.

Toward the end of the book, Erin discovers that honing in on the culprit only uncovers the hint of a more powerful devil behind him, someone elusive and hidden and unnamed, someone controlling the strings. Call him the angel of death or the puppet master, this embodiment of evil is unstoppable and cries out for more from Erin and her loyal companions—more strength, more questing, more pain. And while the ending swept me away in its bone-chilling action and I felt a sense of closure, ALL THE BLUE-EYED ANGELS also compelled me to read the next book in the series.

So if you like mystery with sometimes dark and graphic detail, an intricate plot, a love story that is elegiac in its beauty, even as the story’s action is unrelenting; if you long for smooth, clean writing with a unique sense of humor, then ALL THE BLUE-EYED ANGELS is for you.

ALL THE BLUE-EYED ANGELS is free for Nook for a limited time.

The Erin Solomon Mysteries are available on Smashwords and Amazon.

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