She’ll Live Forever

Palermo youth_gnuckx - Version 2

Excerpt from Death In Bagheria, publishing next month

Saturday, March 26, 1870

“Someone put table salt instead of sugar into Mima’s tea,” Loffredo said, “so I expect she will be healthy and cooking the next time we visit the baron.”

“It figures,” Rosa said, entering the room. “She can’t cook, so she’ll live forever. I wish Umbrello were here,” she said, taking her place at the table.

Serafina smiled. “He’ll be here tomorrow, and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of him.”

After dinner, Serafina, Loffredo, Rosa, and Vicenzu lingered over strong coffee and dessert, discussing what they needed to do with the results of the tests while they waited for Teo and Totò to return from practice. Serafina told them about her meeting with Genoveffa and about the provisions of her trust. “I gave her a full account of our visit, and still she is not concerned with the danger to her person.”

“Of course not, she’s a nun,” Rosa said.

“But she wants her mother’s killer brought to justice.” Serafina told them about the passage she’d read in one of the notebooks, her fear that something “dark and sinister” was happening.

Photo: Palermo youth. Credit: gnuckx (Flickr), Creative Commons.

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