What Adriana Saw

Sailing in a sea of red_by CyboRoZ

Excerpt from Death In Bagheria, publishing soon

Her task accomplished, Serafina went to the window once again and gazed at the ornamental pools, the cork tree, the gazebo, the harbor in the distance.

“Is your favorite still the gazebo?” she asked Rosa, resting against the wall.

She answered in the affirmative, then pointed to a bench near the high grass. “What’s that—mist?”

Serafina looked. “More substantial than that. I believe it’s someone sitting outside, but who could it be? Oh, for the baron’s telescope—remind me to buy one when I get home.”

As they stared, the figure rose, her dark hair piled on top of her head, the gown, slightly outmoded. The figure drifted toward the gazebo, swinging her hips in a slightly exaggerated way.

Rosa looked at Serafina, a hand held to her mouth.

“Oh, Madonna!” Serafina exclaimed. “Is that what Adriana saw? And she thinks the woman is her mother, her mother who would never leave her.” Something squeezed inside her.

They watched as the figure glided past the gazebo.

Photo: Sailing in a sea of red. Credit: CyboRoZ (Flickr), Creative Commons

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