A Good Scare for a Great Cause

Serial Sleuths, Vol 1: Haunted!Serial Sleuths available on Amazon.

Just in time for Halloween, this collection features five exciting serial sleuths in chilling mystery shorts perfect for the season: DV Berkom’s bestselling, take-no-prisoners heroine Kate Jones; plucky investigative reporter Erin Solomon from Jen Blood’s bestselling series; Joanne Sydney Lessner’s irresistible actress-turned-temp-turned-crack detective, Isobel Spice; Susan Russo Anderson’s inquisitive nineteenth-century Sicilian sleuth Serafina Florio; and award-winning author Wayne Zurl’s wry chief of police, Sam Jenkins. 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of this collection go to Doctors Without Borders.

Here’s a snippet from “Death of a Sad Face,” featuring Teo, an orphan who is haunted and Serafina Florio who once again defies Inspector Colonna:

Late one night in October 1868

“Let go of me, beast!”

The specter didn’t answer, but pressed Teo’s neck harder, and Teo couldn’t speak, and he neither looked right nor left, but after a while he got the shakes, so he knew for sure it was the spell on him. He tried to remember what Falco had told him about getting rid of specter curses: squeeze your eyes shut and spit twice over your left shoulder, cross your wrists and point the first and last fingers of both hands toward the ground and pump them fast, up and down, until the spell melts into the earth. Teo worked his hands and fingers just so, but the beast wouldn’t let go. He had Teo in his fiery clutch, and they flew low over the ground, so Teo screwed himself up and said, “Where are we going?”

“No questions.”

Then Teo thought that since he was doomed anyway, he’d wrestle free from the specter’s mighty hold, and suddenly, when the beast least suspected, Teo called him a bad word and wrenched himself upward and spit into his face. When the phantom clutched his eyes, Teo tore himself free and did his feint and dodge and ran fast, jumping into a ditch and hid quiet behind a prickly pear. Only when he saw the thing coming for him, he ran to the hills, but the creature scooped him up and shook him out like he was a wet dog. And then the specter pressed something hard and hot into his face and Teo’s nose filled with a sour smell, and his heart stopped. A gun, it was a gun!

Photo: Cover, Serial Sleuths, Vol 1: Haunted! 

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