From God’s Lips to Your Keyboard

dislocation_Luce-Chiara #216 Ways to Stoke the Fires of a Creative Mind

There is no such thing as writer’s block, unless a whole bunch of authors happen to live on the same street in your town.

But there is fear and there are those, a ratty bunch, who write nasty stuff and use our fear for their own gain.

I’ve had such rattiness happen to me. I know you have.

I’ve been guilty of such rattiness, not too often, I like to think. Usually my rattiness takes a cowardly form—not reaching out, but moving on when I see the pain of others.

Back to fear. It never goes away. Pain doesn’t, either.

But these will help to tame it. They are best done before you begin to write your stuff or at a low point in your day.

  1. Take a twenty-minute nap.
  2. Talk to a friend.
  3. Say from God’s lips to my keyboard ten times.
  4. Take a warm bath or swim some place where you can float forever.
  5. Count the stars.
  6. Remember the times your writing has moved others.
  7. Remember the times your ability with words has surprised you.
  8. Remember the times you carved your words into exciting angles, fleshier characters.
  9. Take a long walk.
  10. Write in cursive. Put pen to paper and let your fingers work. Do not think of the words, just move the pen.
  11. First draft, forget punctuation just let the words flow frum your fingers not caring a tinker’s damn who thinks what so there
  12. Write down all the words you can think of beginning with a; the next day, b, etc. Write without stopping for spellcheck.
  13. Talk to your characters in the shower. Listen when they talk back to you.
  14. Write a summary of the current politics in your character’s voice.
  15. Read poetry.
  16. Write a poem.

Or forget all of the above, sit down at the keyboard and wrestle with your words. Struggle down old ghosts until you feel the power your gift gives you, a lemon balm.

Photo: Dislocation. Credit: Luce-Chiara #2 (Flickr), Creative Commons.

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