Matinicus cover lo resMatinicus, Friday 10 July

The light fades as I take up my pen, this book my only refuge against loneliness and the troubling omens of a strange new life. These past hours the most unsettling of all since my coming to the island, delivered up as wife to old man Isaac. A time of fire and death, and the arrival of a stranger whose presence in this house leaves me not a little afraid. Read the rest of the excerpt.

Darcy Scott: An Interview

Matinicus cover lo resDarcy, I’m a big fan of yours. I love MATINICUS—the writing, your voice, the mystery, your characters, the underlying themes and the great care you’ve obviously taken researching the island and seafaring off the coast of Maine in the nineteenth century.

What moved you to write this story?

The island of Matinicus itself, actually, because its culture is so unique. Read the rest of the interview.