My Temporary Life by Martin Crosbie

A Coming of Age Novel with a Mesmerizing Story

Martin Crosbie’s book, MY TEMPORARY LIFE, is a sensitive, coming of age novel with a storyline that held me captive. The novel is filled with emotion—humor, joy, heartache, grief. It deals with the loneliness of children who have lost and the agony of their adjustment. It deals with the lives of adults who have been abused as children.

It is the story of Malcolm, an adolescent who lived in Scotland with his parents until his mother returned to her roots in Canada, leaving her husband and son behind in Scotland. After his parent’s divorce, Malcolm began what he called a “temporary life,” spending his summers in Vancouver with his sometime mother and her men, returning to live with his father in Scotland during the school year. He leads this disjointed life without many friends until an unfortunate display of his own loyalty changes the direction of his life. With the help of a father-figure and other friends in Canada, he grows up, prospers, falls in and out of relationships, finally meets the girl of his dreams. It is at this point that the story surprises. The action, never slow, picks up a notch or two, and the rest of the story is a harrowing ride to the end.

For me it was an engrossing work of literary fiction. I loved the scenes of Malcolm and his friend, Hardly, growing up in Scotland, loved his surrogate father, George, and George’s sister, Rose, and how the author painted those characters. I really, really liked the author’s understated prose and I loved the opening:

I think I first smelled booze on Gerald when we were eleven, and as far as I know he’s been drinking ever since.

There were moments of magic, scenes filled with foreboding, passages that were poetic and ruminative, others that were breathtaking. The masterful handling of Malcolm’s mother, especially in “the car wash scene,” was brilliant. There were many scenes, especially toward the end, that were fast-paced and made the book impossible to put down. It is a book you will not want to miss.

That said, the presentation was less than professional. Had the book been professionally edited and proofread, had the manuscript been converted professionally to ebook format, reading it would have been a more enjoyable experience for me.

My Rating: 5 Stars

About the Author: Martin Crosbie always wrote stories. As his adventures and misadventures took him from Kilmarnock, Scotland, to Vancouver, Canada, he recorded his memories in a series of journals. Today, he’s turning those journals into novels.

You can keep up to date on his newest adventures and read his opinions on everything from Punk Rock to how he’s training for his next marathon on his website.

When not writing, or running long distances, Martin shares his life in Vancouver, with his partner, Jacquelyne, and Spock, the most spoiled cat in the world.

Copyright © 2011 Martin Crosbie
Format: Kindle Edition
ASIN: B006O2P13O

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