Rekindling Motives by Elaine Orr

A Must Read for its Sparkling Humor, Scintillating Mystery, Lovable Characters

REKINDLING MOTIVES by Elaine Orr is the second book in the Jolie Gentil series and is just as successful in creating mystery and surprise as the first.

In this snappy read told in first-person point of view by the protagonist, Jolie Gentil (“It’s pronounced Zho-Lee Zhan-tee,”) returns to Ocean Alley and the Jersey Shore. Jolie, of course, is the protagonist. Aunt Madge and Scoobie return as do their pets, plenty of minor characters, and the stores, restaurants, and houses of Ocean Alley, the Atlantic Ocean and the boardwalk.

Jolie is appraising a vacant Victorian, the Tillotson-Fisher house when she finds the skeleton of Richard Tillotson in the attic who vanished in 1929 under suspicious circumstances. The deceased was involved in bootlegging as were many others on the Shore, including the Fisher family. It was Prohibition, after all, a time when gangs and rivalry abounded and rum was run all around, especially off the Eastern Seaboard.

Ever the sleuth, despite the admonitions of the police chief, Jolie gathers clues from the memorabilia that abound in the attic, as well as from a memorable character, the dead man’s fiancée who never doubted his steadfastness.

Ms. Orr’s mind is inventive. She knows how to surprise the reader whose interest never wanes. The pace is facile, sometimes a little hectic, but always spot on. The prose is flowing. The book has been well edited. It is one you wont want to miss.

See my review of the first in the Jolie Gentil series, APPRAISAL FOR MURDER.

My Rating: 5 Stars

Elaine Orr
Publisher: Lifelong Dreams (November 4, 2011)
Page Numbers Source ISBN:

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